MTP Support Grants


Fairfax High School Clubs and Organizations

Thank you for your interest in a Support Grant!

The Melrose Trading Post is an outdoor market operated by Greenway Arts Alliance that is held in the parking lot of Fairfax High School every Sunday for the past 20 years. A portion of the funds raised at the Melrose Trading Post are allocated specifically to Support Grants for Fairfax High School student clubs and organizations. Grant applications will be evaluated according to a point system (detailed below). This system includes a presentation to the Friends of Fairfax board, which includes stakeholders representing the community, parents, teachers and administrators. Grant awards may be affected by the point system evaluation. Any approved club or organization on the Fairfax High School campus may apply for the grant.

MTP Support Grant Point System Guidelines (required reading!)

Please read and refer to the following guidelines throughout the grant process. You MUST confirm you have read this to submit your application.


30 Points
Demonstrated Need
30 Points
Community Service
20 Points

(including fundraising efforts & financial break down of what is being requested)

10 Points
Orientation for Support Grant
10 Points
Club Development Workshop with Greenway Institute for the Arts



Orientation for Support Grant

In order to apply for a Support Grant, clubs/ organizations must be available for an in-school or after-school orientation. The Student Programs Coordinator, Johanna Middleton, will schedule this orientation.

Community Service

In order to strengthen an application, it is highly suggested that clubs/ organizations complete 4-8 hours of community service.

Community Service at Melrose Trading Post

Because the Melrose Trading Post is held on the campus of FHS, students can serve their community without leaving their educational home. If clubs or organizations want to complete community service hours at FHS, students can volunteer at the Melrose Trading Post as a member of the student staff.  A sponsor is required at all times, and the Melrose Trading Post provides an adult  coordinator, student leader for the day, and lunch for the entire group. Sunday shifts are available in the morning and in the afternoon.

Other Community Service Options

If a club/organization would like to do community service elsewhere, it must complete a separate Community Service Report form. Many worthwhile organizations are listed at

Club Development Workshop with GIA

Complete grant applications will include a scheduled development workshop with Greenway Institute of the Arts (GIA). The workshop’s topic will be chosen during the initial orientation. The workshop time may also be used to rehearse the presentation for the Friends of Fairfax board. The Student Programs Coordinator, Johanna Middleton, will schedule this workshop.


If the grant is approved, the club/organization sponsor will receive an email from Friends of Fairfax and funds will be deposited into the Student Store, usually within two weeks.


Clubs/organizations will be slotted to present at the Friends of Fairfax Board meeting.  This board meets the first Thursday of the month in the Principal’s Conference Room from 3:15-4:15pm. The Student Programs Coordinator will schedule the date and time. Students are required to make the presentation with their sponsor present. Presentations should be no longer than 10 minutes.

Presentations should include the following items:

  1. Demonstration of need and break down of request
  2. Documentation of funding from other financial source(s) or fundraisers
  3. Report on community service
  4. Report on the Club Development Workshop with Greenway Institute for the Arts (GIA)

After reading the guidelines above, click below to apply for an MTP Support Grant

Application for MTP Support Grant

* Clubs/organizations must comprehensively read these guidelines ( before proceeding
* Must be an approved Fairfax High School Club or Organization
For Contacting After School
* For sending out documents and confirming details
(What amount of money is your group requesting as their MTP Support grant?)
* Pick several upcoming Sundays to increase your chances of getting a preferred date.