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Program Details

Greenway Institute for the Arts and Greenway Court Theatre collaborate every year to engage the students of Fairfax High, Gardena High, and View Park High School. The multi-disciplinary approach to programming will focus both on the thematic content of the novel as well as a way to bring this novel to life through arts education and special events. Every fall, Greenway Arts Alliance leads the Fairfax High School community, and beyond, in a community reading of a pre-selected novel.

High school students engage with the text in the classroom during a 6-week residency with a teaching artist who develops arts-based activities and workshops that highlight the themes of the novel. Then, our Greenway Court Theatre produces a stage version of the novel and hosts matinee performances for the students, including a post-show discussion with the cast. Students and teachers also have the chance to engage in the program through social media, contests, and a raffle.