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May 5, 2016
05 May 2016

#ARTS THRIVE THURSDAY features Melrose Storefront Design Project student- artists

#ARTS THRIVE THURSDAY features Melrose Storefront Design Project student- artists:

Chris Arrez, Elsie Avellaneda, Martin Barbara, Rene Barrenos, Karen Castillo, Brenda Cuenca, Jamey Dettman, Shantal Flores, Karen Garcia, Emily Garcia, Daniel Gonzalez, Tyaira Gonzalez, Rodrigo Hernandez, Jenny Herrera, Ricardo Hinojosa, Belen Leon, Iolanu Livesay-lum, Christopher Lopez, Bridget Macario, John Macario, Michelle Macario, Yecenia Martinez, Brandon Martinez, Anisa Martorebo, Angel Moran, Simran Neeru Sahil, Jessica Rivera, Jose Rocha, Angie Romero, Joselyn Rosales, Annisa Takari, Eric Tamayo, Jonathan Thompson, Anthony Torres

This Spring Fairfax students participated in Greenway’s Arts Integration Program both during and after school in an effort to gain design and real life marketing skills as they helped create, stage and implement storefront displays for empty business spaces along Melrose. In collaboration with the Melrose Business Improvement District (Melrose BID) the students were able to meet with business owners and research the type of stores that wanted student participation in order to design meaningful and eye-catching displays.

Greenway congratulates all of the students that were a part of the process to create an even more thriving and exciting Melrose shopping experience. 


April 21, 2016
21 Apr 2016

#ArtsThriveThursday 3rd Featured Student- Artist: Cira Davis

IMG_7773                                                                       My Ideas - 176


IMG_7594                                                           Mum-pattern

Titles: Botanical Circle, Fox Pattern, Polaroid Girl, Springtime Pattern

Greenway Institute for the Arts proudly presents the work and accomplishments of CIRA DAVIS as this week’s #ARTS THRIVE THURSDAY featured student- artist. 

Cira Davis is a 9th grade student at Fairfax who is passionate about art and design. She does most of her artwork digitally, using a drawing app on her iPad. She enjoys illustrating flowers, fashion, and animals, as well as creating patterns and doing calligraphy and hand lettering.

Congratulations CIRA! Catch her work on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter @greenwayartsed 


April 14, 2016
14 Apr 2016

#ArtsThriveThursday Featured Student- Artist: Nicole Marie

Greenway Institute for the Arts proudly presents the work and accomplishments of Nicole Marie as this week’s #ARTS THRIVE THURSDAY featured student- artist.

Nicole Marie is a 15 year-old singer and Freshman at Fairfax HS. She has been singing for over seven years. She has studied various styles such as classical, country, musical theater, jazz, and pop. She spends her weekends singing, playing the guitar and piano, and trying to write her own songs. Nicole has performed onstage at talent competitions and open mics. Her goal is to become a professional pop singer-songwriter.

Congratulations Nicole! Catch her voice on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter @greenwayartsed 


April 7, 2016
07 Apr 2016

#ArtsThriveThursday Featured Student- Artist: Jenny Herrera

Greenway Institute for the Arts proudly presents the work and accomplishments of Jenny Herrera as our first ever #ARTS THRIVE THURSDAY featured student- artist.

Jenny Herrera is a student at Fairfax Senior High. Currently in her last semester of school, Jenny has experienced art in many forms, including sculpture, photography, painting, and drawing. During her time outside of school, she is constantly thinking of ways to involve art in her everyday life. “Art is more than just a hobby or a talent, it’s everything around us,” she says. She was inspired by her father, Manuel Herrera, who spent his youth drawing cartoons. Her long-term goals involve her artwork, and she hopes one day to apply her talent towards our community using mixed media.

Congratulations Jenny! Catch her art on Instagram and Twitter @greenwayartsed


April 24, 2015
24 Apr 2015

Greenway Go!

homepage-brandGreenway GO was designed to provide access to and engagement in the arts to the Los Angeles community. By building on current initiatives, we envision the program as a vital entry point for students and the community to experience a variety of art events for free or for a very low cost. Greenway GO is part of a larger, evolving effort to engage in creative placemaking, accessibility, and true community building through the arts. As Greenway continues to grow and explore a new model for how arts, education and social enterprise can work together to help organizations remain both relevant and economically viable, it is simultaneously important that we find ways to include access points for community members who may be shut out by traditional pricing, location and lack of connection to the art itself.

Our current assets for this initiative are:

  1. The Greenway Court Theatre – Greenway curates a season of theatrical experiences at that include co-productions, original works and curated presented offerings.
  2. Melrose Trading Post – art-based marketplace held every Sunday at Fairfax High School. Greenway’s signature social enterprise program.
  3. Da’ Poetry Lounge is a low-cost, open mic’ poetry and spoken word event produced every Tuesday night, and is the largest, longest-running and most diverse weekly spoken word event in the country, engaging poets of all ages and backgrounds in this standing-room only event. DPL served as one of the inspirations for Russell Simmons’ Tony-awarding winning Def Poetry Jam.
  4. InkSlam – an annual festival of workshops and poetry competitions for all ages, that attracts local and national poets to this popular, three-day event.
February 17, 2011
17 Feb 2011

Welcome to Greenway Institute of the Arts

Welcome to our new website! We look forward to sharing our students stories, updates on programming, event notices and more! Please drop us a line if you have any feedback!