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May 5, 2016
05 May 2016

#ARTS THRIVE THURSDAY features Melrose Storefront Design Project student- artists

#ARTS THRIVE THURSDAY features Melrose Storefront Design Project student- artists:

Chris Arrez, Elsie Avellaneda, Martin Barbara, Rene Barrenos, Karen Castillo, Brenda Cuenca, Jamey Dettman, Shantal Flores, Karen Garcia, Emily Garcia, Daniel Gonzalez, Tyaira Gonzalez, Rodrigo Hernandez, Jenny Herrera, Ricardo Hinojosa, Belen Leon, Iolanu Livesay-lum, Christopher Lopez, Bridget Macario, John Macario, Michelle Macario, Yecenia Martinez, Brandon Martinez, Anisa Martorebo, Angel Moran, Simran Neeru Sahil, Jessica Rivera, Jose Rocha, Angie Romero, Joselyn Rosales, Annisa Takari, Eric Tamayo, Jonathan Thompson, Anthony Torres

This Spring Fairfax students participated in Greenway’s Arts Integration Program both during and after school in an effort to gain design and real life marketing skills as they helped create, stage and implement storefront displays for empty business spaces along Melrose. In collaboration with the Melrose Business Improvement District (Melrose BID) the students were able to meet with business owners and research the type of stores that wanted student participation in order to design meaningful and eye-catching displays.

Greenway congratulates all of the students that were a part of the process to create an even more thriving and exciting Melrose shopping experience.